On February 25, I wrote here about the deplorable violent crime against two young immigrants from India in Kansas. I really expected mass coverage of this hateful, anti-immigrant murder, but it hasn’t panned out that way. I don’t know why. Seems to me the story is a great fit for the current Narrative of exponentially increased hate spurred by Trump and his deplorables.

It’s a big story in India, to be sure.

Anyway, Shikha Dalmia takes up the story, writing at The Week: India is up in arms over the murders of Indian Americans. Why isn’t America? 

The wall-to-wall coverage of these incidents in the Indian press has spooked Indians, even leading to calls that the Indian government issue a travel advisory for America.

As deplorable as such deliberate hate-motivated murders are, what do statistics tell us about the dangers for Indian and Pakistani migrants to America?

…it would still likely be the case that Indian Americans (and other minorities), on the whole, are less likely to be targeted by a fellow American than, say, Muslims are by fellow Indians in majority-Hindu India. And Muslims in India are less likely to be targeted than Hindus in majority-Muslim Pakistan…

Okay, that puts risk into perspective, but it doesn’t explain why the American press and social media haven’t been hammering this Narrative-boosting story. Heck, I wrote about it, and I’m pretty close to a “deplorable” myself!

Shikha Dalmia sums it up this way:

It is debatable, of course, if President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has anything to do with these attacks. One can argue plausibly that this president is a product of the rising anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim anxiety in this country rather than the cause of it. But either way, the press should use these incidents as teachable moments to keep the forces of hate from growing. If the press must err, it ought to be on the side of more coverage, not less. It’s regrettable that when it comes to these shootings, it didn’t.

Does anyone have insight as to why this hasn’t been a thing?


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