I’m such a fascist that  if I could do it, I’d ban the word, “fascist.” I mean, enough already! How will we ever recognize actual, murderous authoritarianism if we interpret Trumpal tweets and tactlessness as evidence of the imminent dawn of the Fourth Reich?

Chicken Little thought the sky was falling, but it was only an acorn that had dropped on her head. Does anyone even read the story of Chicken Little anymore? I seem to recall that if you join up with Chicken Little, you’ll end up on Foxey Loxey’s supper table. Hmm. Who’s this Foxey Loxey fellow, anyway? Couldn’t be like this guy, could he?


Hint: his name is Maduro

Aesop (oops! Western civilization, sorry) warned us about the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Maybe I’ll punch it up a bit and bring the fable into the 21st century: The Activist Who Screamed, “Fascist!” Moral of the tale: when the socialists came along and started making laws against everything except poverty, no one believed the classical liberal who warned that people would starve.

Here’s the Miami Herald:

Hungry Venezuelans killing flamingos and anteaters for food, biologists say

Under President Nicolas Maduro, the once-wealthy country has been plagued with the worst inflation rate in the world, close to 700 per cent last year, according to International Monetary Fund. A survey by three universities in Caracas found that 87 percent of Venezuelans in 2015 didn’t have enough money to buy sufficient food for their families. Not having enough to eat has become so common it even has a nickname: “the Maduro diet.”

Dismembered flamingo, Miami Herald photo
The laws passed by the good socialists in Venezuela, all intended to help the little guy,  you know, level the playing field, made it impossible for businesses to operate and remain viable. Output slowed or stopped. Rather than face the fact that the forced-egalitarianism they were trying to implement  was killing Venezuela (killing Venezuelans!), Maduro and his socialist fellow travelers accused the business operators of economic sabotage. When business operators and some people who had been employed by them started to flee the country, they were met by authorities at the airport and arrested.
Would we even recognize such deadly authoritarianism if it became popular here in the Land of the Free? Or have we used up all our  outrage on the guy in the White House who says he wants to put American interests first in our foreign policy, and the American people first in our domestic policy?
Remember, Hollywood celebrities (and Joe Kennedy and Bernie Sanders) were sucking up to Hugo Chavez not too long ago. Are these the kind of people with the moral authority to hector us about our supposed fascist inclinations?

Sean Penn, Michael Moore and Oliver Stone pay tribute to Hugo Chávez


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