Watching the news is getting to be a soul-sucking experience. It’s all hysteria, all the time, much of it in reaction to the intemperate words of our new president.


The man has no sense of the injury his combative words can do to the TrumpUtopia he promised his supporters. He talks and tweets while his agenda stalls. That’s a flaw, and a big one.

Contrast him with his friend, Tom Brady, a fierce competitor if there ever was one.

Brady knows all too well that every word he says (or doesn’t say!) is going to be dissected by the press and the fans and his football opponents. If his words create a spectacle during the football season, it’s a distraction for his team and their legendary focus on winning.

Brady is extremely disciplined, to the point that he’ll repeatedly tell talk radio hosts that he just doesn’t want to ever say anything negative about anyone.

And what kind of results does he get?

He wins.

Then there’s Bill Belichick, another acquaintance of the 45th president. Now, there’s an example of a disciplined mouth!

His style is nothing like Brady’s style, but the message discipline is the same. Watch him in a routine press conference and you can tell he’s not too impressed by the quality of the questions from the reporters just doing their jobs. But he doesn’t unload on people or tweet about how stupid their questions are. Like TB12, Coach Belichick doesn’t need to knock others down in order to elevate himself. He may not provide reporters with much to write about, but neither does he give his opponents any bulletin board material.

And what kind of results does he get?

He wins.

President Trump promised us we’re going to win so much with him in the White House we’ll be tired of winning.

Maybe he ought to take a lesson or two in message discipline from the proven winners in Foxborough.


New York Daily News photo


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