Who comes back from a 25 point deficit in a Super Bowl?

Tom Brady, Coach Belichick, and the New England Patriots, that’s who.

When Brady and company tied the game with less than a minute in regulation, I believed they would win. But when Matthew Slater won the overtime coin toss, I knew they would win. Put the ball in Tom Brady’s hands when he’s feelin’ it? Count it.

Funny thing is, there wouldn’t have been an overtime if the officials hadn’t made a mistake when it was 13-0 and the Patriots’ Shea McClellin jumped the line to get to the kicker. By all accounts, there was no foul and it should not have been a penalty. No extra point there, no overtime. Er, on second thought, no extra point there, maybe the Pats don’t go for two and number 3 misses another PAT – unthinkable.


Fox Sports

As a great man says, it is what it is.

When the game was over, my wisecracking brother texted, we’re tired of all the winning.

Not true! And considering the subplot to the past two years for New England fans, this cover photo from the Boston Herald says it all.



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