Richard Feynman on the scientific method

I hear there’s going to be a “March for Science” in April. Oh joy. By the time the event rolls around, we can be sure it will be less about trusting the scientific method and more about embracing the Precautionary Principle in all things and pushing the science of gender fluidity.

If Trump is still President of the United States in April (can we take anything for granted in the TrumpUtopia/Apocalypse?), the marchers will carry posters with variations on the theme that the administration is anti-science, hates the planet, and wants us all to be poisoned.

What we won’t see is anything even the tiniest bit illuminating about real scientific-method errors being made in the politicized science of climate change. Today I scoured the New York Times online edition in vain for a story about Dr. John Bates, who recently retired from NOAA and is now going public with critiques he had made internally about a hugely influential paper published prematurely by his agency. I’m guessing the likes of Dr. Bates will be unwelcome at the March for Science. Instead the luminaries will be scaremongers like Bill McKibben (you’ll have to look him up your self) and anti-GMO activists.

Just a guess (watch the video!) so stay tuned. Observation may yet prove me wrong.


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